An international artist residency and gallery housed within the destination sign of a former San Antonio city bus that now serves as a mobile performance platform. As the bus travels from place to place, or station to stations, the destination sign features text-based ideas from around the globe, transforming the bus into a moving network.

Season 1

  • Anna Mikhailova-Kezeli
  • Andro Dadiani
  • 665
  • Lazy Suzanne
  • Alexandr Adamov
  • Adrian Aguilera
  • Tiko Imnadze
  • Ashot Danielyan
  • Fabiola Menchelli
  • Charles Ben Russell
  • Ata Mojlish
  • Grouchy Conch
  • Jonah Welch
  • Ellen Ray
  • Grip Coaster
  • GCruz
  • Groover Croski
  • Mishiko Sulakauri
  • Mickey Delp

Achieved by Mishiko Sulakauri

In Collaboration with Mickey Delp of Delptronics

Station to Stations is funded in part by the Cultural Arts Division of the City of Austin Economic Development Department, Unlisted Projects, CEC ArtsLink and The Museum of Human Achievement.

Open Call

Any Language, any symbols – (max. 30 words) connected to a concept of a journey. As we all are travelers, and every second from here is the future, what is the next station?